Saturday, October 14, 2017

Last Day At The Tower

Appeared in the zine DIRT (print only) back in April 2016:

last day at Aztec Tower

still time in the morning
to brew one last gunpowder tea
and sit out on the catwalk
looking out
fifty to hundred miles
desert forest and rock
Salt River and Mazatzals
Superstitions and Mogollon Rim
the Rez
Glob and Phoenix

still time to watch hawks hover in the wind
still time to listen to morning crickets

one last clear warm day
and southwest wind
one last look through the binoculars
as if there could be any fire
after two months of rain
everything septemberlush green

soon but not immediately
I will carry my guitar down
and clean the counters
sweep and mop the floor
turn off fridge and gas
sign out with Dispatch
(even they sound sad)
walk down the stairs
bowing to the ghost of Ed Abbey
whose tower this was
and is

bowing to the tower itself
which kept me protected
from wind
and cold
and clouds
and lightning
and rain
and aliens

bowing too
to myself
for finally doing it—
fire lookout
after I thought I might be done
with real adventures
when they end only if I want them to

as for what I've learned—
but at least I know

time to get in the truck and
come down
the mountain
like a fool

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

I wish

Appeared in the zine DIRT (print) April 2016:

I wish

I wish I could ask you
to come down here to the desert
where the sunsets stay red longer
and brighter
and hawks hover
at eye level
in thirty-mile-an-hour winds
up here in my tower
on this forest island
where everything wants to scratch
and bite you