Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Leaving Amsterdam Centraal

My poem "Leaving Amsterdam Centraal" appeared in print journal THE CHIRON REVIEW #123, Fall 2021. You can purchase it here.

Windy Gulch

Originally appeared in WAVING HANDS, the literary journal of Colorado Northwestern Community College. Spring 2021.

windy gulch

for my sanity

I sometimes

pull off a paved road

to a dirt road

go a while

pull onto a two-track

follow it to the end

or until I get sick of driving

get out

start walking

to an arroyo


follow that

up the sandy bottom

climbing slickrock dryfalls

no other humans

just the occasional deer track

or coyote or cat

go until

tired + find

a shady granite cliff

to sit under

listen to wind

cooling my sweat

stay there

watching trees + clouds

breathing sage juniper pine

look for Dillard bugs

maybe nap

attract buzzards

or a hawk

fill myself

with gracias

w/these moments