Friday, January 2, 2015

Who's That Man?—poem

This appeared in the journal ABZ back in 2009.
Who’s that man?

Who’s that man in the empty cafe?
The one with the books writing.
Why isn’t he with somebody?
Nobody reads books anymore.
Nobody writes by hand anymore.
Why doesn’t he stay home and rent a movie or something?
Then he wouldn’t have to embarrass himself being alone in public.
Look at the way he looks at women.
It’s obvious he’s lonely and wants to fuck them.
But what kind of a woman would have sex with him?
He probably jerks off a lot.
He probably looks at porn.
Why doesn’t he have friends?
He’s not that ugly.
If he’d smile it would help.
And maybe if he learned to dress right.
Why is he staring at us?

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