Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Leaving Amsterdam Centraal

My poem "Leaving Amsterdam Centraal" appeared in print literary journal THE CHIRON REVIEW #123, Fall 2021. Buy the whole issue here

Leaving Amsterdam Centraal

Mesdames messieurs your tickets please the train

has left the station we can't go back

altho we're facing backwards in the rain

to where we've been + what we've done on track

ou c'est à dire en train to make the same

mistakes without a chance to fix the ones

we made like running away but I came

to find

                a possibility not run

I tell myself

                        tho but of what or why—

canals + ferries / cobble street bike tracks

I think I'm going to get sick like this

but how can I not look? + how not try?

can you really change yr life w/a click?

we've stopped: the door opens with a hiss