Thursday, May 23, 2019

Open letter to the Pacific Greens

Dear Pacific Greens,

What's going on? Because I'm barely hearing anything from you, and I was a paying member.

I've been on board with the Green Party at the national level since 2000. The Green Party simply is for everything I am, both domestically and in foreign policy. Most recently I was very much behind Jill Stein, and her running mate Ajamu Baraka, in the last presidential campaign, and especially enjoyed the walk-out at the Democratic Convention. I continue to follow both of them on social media and they're doing stuff.

But where are you guys? I was paying you a monthly amount, and follow you on social media, including Twitter and, more locally, Facebook, but I almost never hear from you. I did receive an email a month thanking me for my donation, and that's it. There was one time when you held some kind of convention, in Lake Oswego, Oregon. The email I received was not an invitation to participate nor, when I went to to website, was there any invitation to anyone to attend, never mind the fact that Lake Oswego is the center of rich white conservative people in the Portland area, and not easily accessible (by design) to poor people from Portland, even by public transportation. The message I was left with was that the Green Party, at least locally, is being run by elite rich white people.

By way of comparison, the Democratic Socialists, of Portland and nationwide, are doing an excellent job of both messaging, and involving members, as well as recruiting members. I'm tempted to just go with them except for their insistence in emphasizing antifa and identitarian politics (which is another letter). And they do things, like letter campaigns and joining other groups in actual protests.

There are many people like me, fed up with the Democratic Party and their oligarch overlords, looking for a third way, a third party, one not paid for by corporations and the rich. This is the time. Jill Stein was hugely visible during that last election period, the Green Party always has been in the last two decades, yet at the local level, nada. Either this is incompetence, and/or maybe your FBI infiltrators are doing their job well.

My suggestion is to open up your messaging to multiple people, so that no one person is in charge of any Twitter or FB account: the more messaging the better. Take a stand, spread awareness about things going on in the Pacific Northwest. Go after the Democrats. Be a presence, get swag out, get t-shirts and stickers out to people. Recruit. Involve. Make alliances with the DSA and the People's Party and the Working Family Party—all these groups have much in common, don't siphon off votes by competing—make deals: they run a state senator in one district, we run one in the other. Maybe don't call yourselves the Pacific Greens? Maybe just be the Green Party? of Oregon? and Washington?

Make me feel like the Green Party and the Pacific Greens are doing something. People want an alternative, and they want what the Green Party is for. Recruit big names: get Tulsi and Bernie when the DNC screws them over (and they will). I'll give you money again, even though I'm poor and I wasn't giving much, when I can see you out in the world doing something. Do it now. Do it quick. Make me feel invited to participate.



PS-Update: Jesse Ventura for Pres on the Green Party ticket would be fire. Fight populism with populism!

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