Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Tower Point Lookout Blues, Chorus II

"Tower Point Lookout Blues, Chorus II" now up in the CIRQUE Spring 2020 issue! Buy the print issue, and/or check out the free pdf at their website. I'm on page 98:


Saturday, March 28, 2020

Blue Oranges

"Blue Oranges" appeared in DEAD FLOWERS Volume 2, #5, page 11. December 2013. (Now defunct)

Blue oranges

I like how you can peel them in one big
continuous peel and set the peel on the table
still roughly holding its round shape while
we place slices in each others mouths
and I love the tartness of the orange
and you sitting there in your lime bikini
smiling at me ogling your bruises from the
riding crop you asked your boyfriend
to use on you last night but you change
the conversation back to my website and
answer my previous question about the
monthly analytic explaining who is visiting
and why and how they got there using various
search terms like moccasins and macintosh
apples and violent sex so that I have a
sense of what I should concentrate on in the
long term though for now I will continue
my list of songs that make me cry like Give Me
Love by George Harrison and I Live For You by
George Harrison and even Isn't It a Pity sometimes
by George Harrison none of which you say
you've ever heard until I sing them to you
watching the blue orange peel or rather
the spaces between so as to avoid looking
at you again and again

Friday, March 20, 2020

black like your bra

Appeared in THE CHIRON REVIEW, Fall 2018. Print. Order your copy here.

black like your bra

black like your bra like a bad girl
black like India ink in your sketchbook
black like notes in your comp book like fly shit
black like your hair like an evil flapper
black like your eyes like buzzwormholes through time
black like your mole like Marilyn Monroe
black like your
                           boots like you could kick my ass
black like your panties which you make me wear
black like your heart like heavy metal love
black like your guitar like your monster growl
black like coffee like you prefer your men
black like your laugh like I-don't-care-fuck-you
black like your cat like a familiar                                  
black like your poison thought-control lipstick
black like absence of color
                                                without you

Saturday, March 14, 2020

[I bought a fake owl]

I have a poem, "[I bought a fake owl]", in the new Ghost City! Come for that, stick around for the great stuff in their new March issue! 


Friday, March 13, 2020

On Teaching Again

"On Teaching Again," up at Vol. 1 Brooklyn explores returning to teaching writing as an adjunct after having previously been a full-time teacher.


Friday, March 6, 2020

Two Movies By Tarantino

"Two Movies By Tarantino" appeared in THE CHIRON REVIEW, a print journal, in Fall 2018.

two movies by Tarantino

one movie of Quentin
Tarantino's takes place in an empty
warehouse in Los Angeles
with three men all

seemingly gangsters
one gut-shot dying
an undercover cop
tho no one a hero

decades later I still think
I understand him
his distance from everyone
unable to trust but liking

bad people who still
hold some sort of code of
honor and his doubts about
himself another film

of Tarantino's has a man
taking his boss' wife out
she likes going barefoot
and likes him too or the

freedom and the man doesn't
know if he should
because life is after all
like that you are in

desire you hold a syringe
of adrenaline with a woman
overdosing in Los Angeles
the fiction is true