Friday, May 2, 2014

Going Greyhound-poem

A poem that appeared in PEARL way back in the 1997. My first published writing ever!
Going Greyhound

It's like a long blur that you try and sleep through
stopping in Oklahoma City for an hour layover
walking around seeing a vision of a woman
in a summer dress and sandals
walking out of a bank
and getting into a huge BMW
but mostly it's nightmares
of loud people from New York
stealing food from gas stations
and insulting everyone on the bus
or single women with crying children.
with everybody talking
and talking
and talking
and you're sitting there tired and greasy
without a iPod
trying to get to Phoenix
wishing everyone would just shut up
so you can sleep
and then somewhere after Amarillo
you get a Native American driver who doesn't take any shit
and everyone does shut up—
Then it seems OK.
Then all you need is a vanilla shake.

Pearl was great print-format literary journal that just closed shop. Their website here

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