Saturday, August 16, 2014

Books I've Read At Least Three Times

In no particular order, but with some comments. Share yours in the comments section!

Moby Dick—Herman Melville
Completely different novel every time I read it

Blood Meridian
& The Border Trilogy—Cormac McCarthy
Third time Blood Meridian en español, which felt fitting

On The Road
The Dharma Bums
Desolation Angels—Jack Kerouac
OTR third time was in Spanish—also fitting. D.A. is not his best, not for everyone, though moments of beauty. D. B. is my fave.

Lord of the Rings—JRR Tolkien
All three times before my 21st b-day I think—not sure I'll ever read it again

Thus Spoke Zarathustra—Friedrich Nietzsche
I count this as a book/novel—I may have read Beyond Good and Evil 3X too, not sure, and probably The Nietzsche Reader too

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance—Robert Pirsig
Not counting the 2X I tried and gave up before I got through it and loved it—needed to be older to appreciate it I think.

The Sun Also Rises
A Farewell To Arms
For Whom The Bell Tolls
All the short stories—Ernest Hemingway
and most everything else twice

Catch-22—Joseph Heller
The 3rd time it didn't feel as profound— I wonder if you need to be younger? not sure—will probably read again sometime.

Tao Te ching
or Dao De Jing—Lao Tzu
not a novel, not really poetry—philosophy

The Sutra of Hui Neng
also called The Platform Sutra

The Lover—Marguerite Duras
Third or fourth time in french! one of my goals! Again, not as profound now—maybe need to read when younger. But! Prepares the way for The North China Lover, which I just re-read for the second time. It's a re-telling of The Lover, only better.

Catcher in the Rye—JD Salinger
Everyone says this novel needs to be read when young, but still stands up. I just reread it 2018. It's so good. I think the people who don't like it (anymore) have grown up to become phonies.

The Republic—Plato
also Phaedrus

Slaughterhouse Five—Vonnegut
last time in spanish—not quite as fitting—translator didn't 'get' "so it goes"

1984—George Orwell
The dystopian novel that started it all. Surprisingly holds up, even with all our new technology. Just re-read it in 2018.

The Great Gatsby—F. Scott Fitzgerald
Last time in spanish, which worked ok.

The Lorax—Dr. Seuss
Probably others of his too, though this one for sure.

Desert Solitaire—Edward Abbey
Plus various essays, like "Down The River with Henry David Thoreau."

Walden—HD Thoreau
Everyone (or those who claim to not like him) thinks this is about becoming a hermit, but it's about living simply, or living more simply. His humor is underrated too.

The Stranger—Albert Camus
Troisième fois en français!

The Watchmen—Alan Moore

The Dark Knight Returns—Frank Miller

Post Office
And almost everything else by Charles Bukowski including all his books of poetry. His best novel is probably Women. More than anything, his books critique capitalism, and work, and how they affect our relationships, including with ourselves. With humor. Satire, mostly of himself.

Historias del Kronen—José Ángel Mañas
Kind of the Spanish Trainspotting. My latest third-timer.

Now what are yours third-timer books? Please share in the comments section!

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