Sunday, November 23, 2014

My tattoo—poem

"My tattoo" appeared in the Huron River Review, in 2010.
My tattoo

She would be a woman of course
with long black hair
that would turn green with time
and smiling knowingly
though I don’t think anymore
that I would want her to have devil wings
or a pointed tail

She would still show some leg
and I think she should be clothed
though how I’m not sure—
perhaps a librarian?
or a mexican bandita?
or a flamenco dancer?
a dominatrix seems too obvious

She might be holding a book
but which?
War & Peace?
no, Anna Karenina!
in fact she could be Anna!
in the ballroom scene
with the shoulderless black dress
but then she couldn’t be smiling knowingly
she would have to be smiling radiantly and sorrowfully

I had thought also she could be a gypsy
playing a violin
with large hoop earrings
and a red bandanna
or a pirate queen
or even Red Sonja
but not a cowgirl
though for the record cowgirls are sexy too
and I don’t know how she could be drawn as a wildland firefighter
since green and yellow nomex isn’t that sexy
even if a woman’s face covered with dirt and ash is

I think though
that what’s important
is that other women enjoy her
and they don’t mind sharing me with her
and that in bed they would trace her curves with their fingers
in the semi-darkness
calling her by name

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