Friday, January 23, 2015

Flamenco Dancer—poem

This appeared in the print journal ICONOCLAST, back in Fall of 2013.

Flamenco Dancer

She stands as the guitarists start to play
walking across the stage while staring out
at dark and smoke ignoring the ole’s
and guapa’s from the crowd: she knows their shouts
don’t matter
                        and that you don’t either friend
because flamenco is about disdain
the only proper answer to the end
of love
            to venting anger
                                          and to pain
dancing not for you / lifting up the skirt
of her tight black dress / not to show her legs
to you (because she wouldn’t care if you
kissed them) / but just to have them free to hurt
the man (any man) who made her beg
slamming high heels on wood
                                                 like she would you

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