Monday, April 27, 2015

For Cigarettes

Appeared in BLACK HEART way back in April 2007 for Erotic Poetry Day:
For cigarettes

For a pack of cigarettes he let me see his sister naked
through a hole between their rooms
at first when he checked he said she wasn’t doing anything
I looked she was on her bed talking on the phone reading a fashion magazine
we waited reading comic books, he would check every ten minutes
then finally he said alright and I knelt down and looked again
she took off her jeans and t-shirt then her bra and panties
put on different underwear, white cotton for shiny black
black tights black skirt red shiny blouse high heel shoes
brushed her hair gold earrings red lipstick
looking at herself like she knew she looked good

A car honked outside and she left
we waited hours playing video games listening for the click of her door
I’d never stayed up that late before
for one of my comic books he let me watch again
she opened her window sat on the bed crossed her legs lit a cigarette
blew the smoke out into the night and watched it
undressed in front of the mirror
folding the blouse and skirt bending to put them in a drawer
her underwear smooth and shiny on the floor
she put on her white panties and the t-shirt and turned out the light
we went to bed too in sleeping bags on the floor
I waited till he was asleep got out in my underwear
went to the hole stared at the darkness
wondering if she knew about it, if she ever looked
listening for anything only hearing his slow breathing

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