Sunday, November 12, 2017

Moon girl

This appeared in PHANTOM DRIFT Issue 6, Fall 2016. Print. Order here.

Moon girl

Her body in the open sky
the moon in water

the moon does not always appear at night
night is not always dark

the moon is not one moon, not two moons
not a thousand moons

mind moon is alone
its light swallows moonlight

why is this?

she has moon mind
because she makes moon her mind

no mind not moon
no moon not mine

even if there was a moon last night
the moon you see tonight is not the same

study the moon in tonight's moon
because a moon succeeds a moon

moonlight swallowing moonlight
moon swallows moon

waking with her body
the turning moon

the mind is a moon
the moon a mind

a single mind
a single moon

moon-faced girl
your body and mind
in the moon

a field of grass glowing in the moonlight
her mind glowing in the moonlight

moon swallowing moon
as earth and sky are swallowed
and moon is born

she swallows me
swallows herself
travels when clouds move
because moons are as they are
explore and penetrate
the motion of the moon
essence of wind and rivers

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