Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Hunter Down The Road

Appeared in the Summer 2017 print issue of MIDWESTERN GOTHIC, which you can buy here.

The hunter down the road

I don't like him
the way he wears camouflage all year round
how he and his buddies target practice
on what was a quiet saturday afternoon
I don't like the gun rack in the back of his truck cab
as if violence were always an option
and I don't like the spotlight on the door
for hunting deer at night
he's certainly too overweight to actually go out in the the woods
and I don't think would ever go alone
and I don't like the way he hangs their bodies
in the front yard from a tree
gutted and red for everyone to see

tho who am I to want to hide death
and providing meat to one's family is a noble ritual
and deer better than processed hormone cow
and who else am I to turn to out here in the country
finding my dog hit by some car
bloodier than the deer hung in the yard almost
tho still alive if you can call it that
who else has the gun and willingness to use it
and who else will surprise me
as I've surprised him at his front door
by walking quietly with me holding his pistol
firing three shots just to make sure it's quick
with a steady hand and a nod to me
but no enjoyment I can see
who else can I say thank you to tonight
with the echoes in the trees


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