Sunday, March 28, 2021

Tower Point Lookout Blues, Chorus II

Appeared in the print journal Cirque, March 2020. Part of a larger, 12-chorus, poem.


Tower Point Lookout Blues, Chorus II

socked in northwest zephyrus wind

last night in the cold sky something fell to earth

glowing beams of yellow light across the Star River

burned out south beyond horizon

I want to walk in the trees + lose myself

1760 Road down a mile + a half to the crossroads

the 1750 right or left will take you out

the shorter rougher way or the longer smoother

I like the first but recommend the second to friends

it's all been interesting even if sometimes bad

living a life of becoming rather than just being

tho sometimes days (now into evening) feel like just being

which makes me restless + guilty but we need these days

to rest recover + gather for the next adventure

to make a clearing in our lives a base camp

tomorrow to Prinetucky + Redmond—last week

last few days on the rock before unreality

up here you cant get hurt by people or hurt anybody

just flies + yellowjackets with extreme prejudice

wind blows harder on this ridgetop

funneling like water through narrow arroyos

pouring up over the cliff down back

not complaining—kept the bugs down + me cool in July

I worry about the news + politics + lies below

grateful to be out of it tho wondering if avoiding

what could I do to help? call a bought politician?


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