Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What Nothing Reveals—poem

Another poem of mine that appeared in the great (print) poetry journal The Hat, in 2007:

What Nothing Reveals
                                    for Susan Wheeler

Freakish, nothing burst into nothing where you
were gathering nothing frantically, phonetically.
Nothing is flying, Nothing a
calamity of nothing–or perhaps they said
nothing. This left nothing, that left nothing
and he, nothing, had it, too.

Now nothing rearranges nothing.
On the right there is nothing, nothing
or nothing, in a bright and terrifying nothing.
Nothing altered nothing. Pressed to the rear of
nothing toward nothing, you started with nothing
with nothing that troubles you still. Like nothing
who only dreamed, you can’t shake nothing.
Nothing, straightened now, is white against nothing.
Nothing confirms. Nothing replies.
There is nothing like nothing.
Nothing drops out.

You pay for nothing.
There is nothing to fill nothing,
nothing yawing in nothing
on nothing.

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