Wednesday, September 11, 2019

let's go

Originally appeared at COLDNOON in February 2018. That site is now defunct, alas.
[Update: it's back up! Here is the original link]

let's go

let's go to Café Schilling and read a newspaper
like our parents used to do
where you can get a café con leche and I'll get a green tea
and we'll listen to the bloopy music
watching the tourists
and becoming annoyed by loud arrogant spanish men
but we'll both want to make out with the camarera
with her tattoos and converse high-tops and black tights and attitude
and we'll discuss whether the people camping out in la Plaça de Catalunya
are effectively protesting government austerity measures
and the IMF
and Spain's membership in the European Union
which itself seems set up to benefit France and Germany
though at the same time offering an economic challenge
to the Evil Empire of our own United States

or we could discuss whether the narcotraficantes basically
own Guatamala and Mexico like it appears
and what would happen if Americans stopped doing cocaine
or if Egypt will indeed become a democracy
or will the new boss be the same as the old boss
with the help of the American government or not
and basically we can discuss how guilty we feel
for being from America
and how helpless we feel
about affecting any change in US foreign policy
because with the deregulation of banks and corporate donations
more and more of our politicians do what Big Money says
but fuck it
finish your croissant
let's go to la playa
and let me slather sunscreen all over you

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