Friday, March 6, 2020

Two Movies By Tarantino

"Two Movies By Tarantino" appeared in THE CHIRON REVIEW, a print journal, in Fall 2018.

two movies by Tarantino

one movie of Quentin
Tarantino's takes place in an empty
warehouse in Los Angeles
with three men all

seemingly gangsters
one gut-shot dying
an undercover cop
tho no one a hero

decades later I still think
I understand him
his distance from everyone
unable to trust but liking

bad people who still
hold some sort of code of
honor and his doubts about
himself another film

of Tarantino's has a man
taking his boss' wife out
she likes going barefoot
and likes him too or the

freedom and the man doesn't
know if he should
because life is after all
like that you are in

desire you hold a syringe
of adrenaline with a woman
overdosing in Los Angeles
the fiction is true

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