Saturday, March 28, 2020

Blue Oranges

"Blue Oranges" appeared in DEAD FLOWERS Volume 2, #5, page 11. December 2013. (Now defunct)

Blue oranges

I like how you can peel them in one big
continuous peel and set the peel on the table
still roughly holding its round shape while
we place slices in each others mouths
and I love the tartness of the orange
and you sitting there in your lime bikini
smiling at me ogling your bruises from the
riding crop you asked your boyfriend
to use on you last night but you change
the conversation back to my website and
answer my previous question about the
monthly analytic explaining who is visiting
and why and how they got there using various
search terms like moccasins and macintosh
apples and violent sex so that I have a
sense of what I should concentrate on in the
long term though for now I will continue
my list of songs that make me cry like Give Me
Love by George Harrison and I Live For You by
George Harrison and even Isn't It a Pity sometimes
by George Harrison none of which you say
you've ever heard until I sing them to you
watching the blue orange peel or rather
the spaces between so as to avoid looking
at you again and again

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