Saturday, February 20, 2016


Originally appeared in NEW ERA #2 in Fall 2011:


Saturday Night I hate you
I don’t have a date and everyone else does except some of the other losers sitting in this cafe like me
We are all incapable of meeting and/or talking to each other
Saturday Night Bob Dylan is playing on the cafe stereo and I would love to be able to talk to someone about how he seems to be doing some of his best work now even though the radio stations will only play his stuff from the 60s and 70s
Oh Saturday Night I don’t think I can stay up for the midnight movie at the State Theatre even though I think it’s Evil Dead II and I’ve been obsessed with zombies all summer and the idea of zombie as metaphor for things such as AIDS or Iraq or otherness or even as a critique of consumer culture
Saturday Night what if zombies attacked right now?
We would all have to band together, barricade the windows and doors without getting pulled out and having our brains eaten, or worse, becoming infected and turning into zombies ourselves
Though I’m not sure we could barricade the windows successfully here they are huge
But at least we would be interacting
At least the cute barista with the nice ass would talk to me Saturday Night
Or the studious Asian woman in the corner
Or even the guy downloading internet porn onto his laptop
I download internet porn too sometimes, maybe we could be friends!
Oh Saturday Night I’ve refilled my green tea three times already
The teabag looks pretty ragged and I think I’m basically just sipping hot water now
Which is good Saturday Night because it’s cold in here
I’m cold Saturday Night and it’s not even winter yet
Saturday Night I’m scared to go home
The neighbors were already playing beer pong at two in the afternoon and blasting music so loud it was vibrating in my chest
Saturday Night I’m scared they’ll still be at it and I’ll have to call the cops but the cops won’t come or won’t do anything so I’ll lie there not being able to sleep while stupid drunk zombies have fun on a Saturday Night and I do not
Saturday Night I don’t want to be a stupid drunk zombie but sometimes that seems the easiest way
Saturday Night Saturday Night it just seems like if I were a stupid drunk zombie maybe I wouldn’t be so lonely and I might even get laid

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